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H.I.S. Coupon DX

Developer: Viajes para Ti S.L.U.
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[Cabinet Office sponsored "Furusato Masterpieces of the Year" official supporters]Ask the start of the 1500 books of digital tourism brochure!"HIS coupon DX" fiscal 2015 edition, one million people a year use, of about 3500 facilities "zoo, aquarium, theme parks, ski resorts, museums, hot springs, car rental, optional tour", the national airport "restaurants, shopping such as "10% discount, can be precisely because" the number of persons and families "limited, and the good-time sale timed coupon.By get a coupon that is updated daily, direct, just presented to the facility, troublesome member registration, credit card settlement also absolutely unnecessary. Tourism, airport etc, by all means, please try to check the area to be worried about."※ app expiration date: March 31, 2016"
[Attention of advertising site app to our application has been posted without permission]HIS coupon advertising, publicity to such as "pocket money site", "point site" is not done at all. Damage report has been submitted, but please note that there is no point giving the installation of apps. If you have any questions, please contact the management company of the available point site.